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Simple to share the color thermal transfer printing certification pyrograph

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Simple to share the color thermal transfer printing certification pyrograph! Thermal transfer pyrograph is with high precision screen printing production and become, after high temperature and high pressure heat transfer hot icon show color, clear, delicate, soft and smooth, does not stimulate the skin, form a complete set with high standards of pyrograph machine, heat transfer operation is simple, can obtain stable quality, icon exquisite decoration icon. Color thermal transfer pyrograph has the following kinds: 1. The color screen printing pyrograph color thick, multiple color printing, weather resistant, resistant to humidity of the dry friction, washable, color fastness is strong. 2. Wash water ma pyrograph are widely used in clothing, t-shirts, sportswear, underwear, and other textile industry, water for washing label. High tensile and resilience, weather resistant. 3. Multifunction contrast color screen printing pyrograph can be arbitrary and add glitter, foam, pearl, luminous and other special materials, let the icon at the same time reflect a variety of apparent effect, suitable for ladies and children fabrics. 4. Breathable pyrograph belongs to thermosetting infiltration pyrograph, colours or electric four-color printing, adopting imported high temperature resistant thermosetting silicon series materials, especially for underwear and frivolous fabrics and new product development. Thermal transfer pyrograph pyrograph are divided into color printing pyrograph and color printing, know more about thermal transfer pyrograph information, login, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) 。
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