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Special LOGO heat transfer vinyl number printed words

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Special LOGO heat transfer vinyl number printed words! LOGO heat transfer vinyl is mainly used in clothing, bags and other costumes hot stamping LOGO standard, digital standard. And LOGO mark the most commonly used in basketball, football, there are two model of the application of heat transfer vinyl for LOGO mark, but the two is not the same. Small make up to introduce for you. Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl & ndash; — LOGO heat transfer vinyl takes as its product characteristics are as follows: bright and clear, bright color is pure; Use environmental protection material, feel is good, coloring and firm, not cracking, soft and elastic, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and sunshine do not fade, do not fade, machine wash, wash off, rub resistance, no odor, high and low temperature environment does not glue, not broken, no glue, good elasticity; Can be tinted transfer
, make clothing design more rich, more individuality; Complex and recovery function, when the tear what isn't needed, to accidentally tore the should retain part, due to strong glue film back. The key product information, must see: 1, the product scope of application: this product USES is very wide, can be applied to clothing, bags, shoes, and so on all kinds of textile fabrics; For example: sportswear: number and trademark, basketball, football, cycling clothing, shoes, bathing suit, the elastic and other blended fabrics, etc. Personality clothing categories: t-shirts, guanggu shan, advertising umbrella, aprons, hats, travel bag, factories and schools number and identity, and so on; 2, thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl because of its simple, fast and convenient, do not need to plate making, color and pattern is an arbitrary set, can one up, a few minutes an engraving knife or scissors can also be complete, so be free personality of pursuers and designer apparel industry is also known as DIY printing film; 3, using imported high elastic polyurethane material, its tensile, rebound, weather resistance and water washing performance is very good; 4, L type mold force, stripping from the substrate to materials as the main control factors, convenient user line in mass production, not recommended for application on the smaller pattern and the pattern of line production, because of its material from a single substrate after stripping, need glue to stick it back; Suitable for carving machine or cold knife type tool for processing, is not suitable for laser machine for processing; 5, N type for glue type, its substrate coated with a layer of high temperature resistant adhesive, can be applied to small pattern and the production of the image, at the same time suitable for carving machine or cold knife type tool, as well as laser machine for processing; ____________ hold more heat transfer vinyl information, all in the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory vinyl ____________ hold if you want to printed LOGO on character costumes, PVC heat transfer vinyl can meet your needs! PVC heat transfer vinyl products are widely used, can be applied to clothing, bags, and other high temperature resistant textile fabrics, such as: pure cotton clothing, personality T-shirt, guanggu shan, aprons, hats, travel bag, factories and schools of number and logo, etc. According to the different material used heat transfer vinyl is different also, if you also want to learn more about can log in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site, or direct contact with the 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More fascinating information will be used by your hand!
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