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Strict quality of these three heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Strict quality of these three heat transfer vinyl! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory nine series heat transfer vinyl: TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl, glitter heat transfer vinyl, laser heat transfer vinyl, imitation metal heat transfer vinyl, PVC thermal transfer printing heat transfer vinyl, vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl, reflective/luminous heat transfer vinyl, fabric heat transfer vinyl. TPU heat transfer vinyl products sell like hot cakes, glitter heat transfer vinyl, laser heat transfer vinyl, fake metal heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl for vogue, this article is dedicated to share fashion heat transfer vinyl. Glitter heat transfer vinyl glitter bright individuality fashion stereo sense is strong color rich fine craft fit high environmental washable a minimum mass production of laser heat transfer vinyl special silky smooth colour is pure metallic shine rub rub resistance to high and low temperature resistant fit fine fashion DIY personalization process imitation metal thermal transfer vinyl bright shiny metal stereo sense is strong color colorful fashion DIY fine personality customization process fit a minimum batch production sublimation heat transfer vinyl as new technologies and products of the Internet era, the operation is simple, can DIY personality. If you also want to learn more thermal transfer product information, can log in, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory site, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More fascinating information will you hand!
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