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Sublimation pyrograph, heat transfer vinyl: how to detect the sublimation effect?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Sublimation pyrograph, heat transfer vinyl: how to detect the sublimation effect? Sometimes we found that in heat transfer vinyl polyester fabrics or after pyrograph turned hot, due to the factors of instability dyes on polyester fabrics, after long time storage, fabric dye color migrate thermal transfer film surface, will affect pyrograph apparent not beautiful. As is known to all, we sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory have a sublimation products, can be used to easily sublimation printing on polyester fabrics: sublimation pyrograph prevention/heat transfer vinyl but small make up found that some customers get the sublimation pyrograph/thermal transfer vinyl don't know how to detect effect of sublimation, so let us tell the sublimation effects of detection methods, there are four kinds of detection methods: ( 1) Directly set turn hot temperature is 150 degrees, the time is 10 ~ 30 seconds, the process of test medium pressure several times more; ( 2) Smoke wet room set temperature of 50 degrees, finished product inside wetted 7 days; ( 3) Pyrograph machine set temperature is 150 - 160 degrees, on the hot plate bake for about 30 min; ( 4) Product turn very hot after observing more than 3 months. But comprehensive time and economic costs, in the above 4 methods, sen pyrograph small make up the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory think 1 and 3 kinds of methods is feasible. Warm prompt: the need to take different according to different dye sublimation products production technology and storage conditions. Blocking sublimate the length of time is also different. If the customer is in use process found that can't solve the problem, can contact with our sales engineers, we will provide more comprehensive services. Want to know the sublimation pyrograph, heat transfer vinyl related information, free sample experience, more fascinating information to your hand! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory's website:
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