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The chameleon pyrograph from different point of view you will see what?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The chameleon pyrograph from different point of view you will see what? The sunrise chameleon pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products applied in heat resistant textiles, only need to form a complete set of use can obtain high quality heat transfer equipment. Chameleon pyrograph according to customer requirements for packaging, packaging, cutting and a single package. The following belt together know chameleon pyrograph. Main features: 1, special chameleon printing ink, and imported polyurethane and collocation, Angle is different, the color of the product surface will be different, it is widely used in security. After 2, chameleon printing color will be according to the different viewing Angle and produce three-dimensional color changing effect, and do not contain heavy metals, and other attractive color effect of the spell with pigment dye. 3, can form a complete set of four color printing and screen printing multicolor printing, good elasticity, good stretch and rebound effect, second, product technical information: 1, the heat transfer conditions: temperature: 130 - 150 ℃, time: 8 - 12 s, pressure: 0. 3 mpa2, wash water and test conditions: household washing machine, water temperature: 40 ℃, 30 min/times, more than 50 times. By GB/T86295A washing standard 3, product specifications: 39 * 54 cm/zhang, 48 * 64 cm/sheet or cutting into individual refinement packing; : 4, adapt to the fabric can be used for regular and large elastic fabrics, such as: cotton, knitting, blending and so on fabrics to understand the chameleon pyrograph related products information, learn about other pyrograph products or experience pyrograph samples can log in, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory site ( ) Or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service!
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