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The choose and buy TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl skills

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The choose and buy TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl skills. In the TPU heat transfer vinyl is difficult to distinguish between Q1 - Mold and Q1-1 2 of two TPU adhesive type is printed heat transfer vinyl, in addition to tear their PET mold after the film, feel sticky on the heat transfer vinyl, can not distinguish from the appearance is very clear the two heat transfer vinyl, small make up to share how to distinguish the two heat transfer vinyl. Q1 - 2 ( Resin type) Is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory has one of the high-end products, is the Q1 - 1 ( Cold tear matte mold) The updated version. Because of its wide applicable scope, cost performance is superior, the customer higher viscosity. To this end, we with the management philosophy of creating value for customers, fix attention on a high starting point to build product planning. Since the beginning of the planning stage, the product has been around the world similar products as a benchmark, strive to make differentiation, personalized targets. Its material with international famous brand silicone as mold material, environmental protection, tasteless, adjustable viscosity stability, acid and alkali resistance, excellent adhesion, stripping force such outstanding advantages, and the material itself has high price and complex manufacturing process, strict process control, inspection standards, higher specificity. Compared with the same foreign brand products, we have price belongs to the people, but the value is much higher than the price. In order to meet customer demand, meet the customer's requirements at the same time, we, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory has been working hard, please believe us, with all say good! Q1 - 2 (
type resin) On the application advantages are: the product relative to the Q1 - 1 ( Cold tear matte mold) Belong to the universal, almost covers the Q1 - 1 ( Cold tear matte mold) Series products, as well as the small design, fine lines, tinted, fold the color is more comfortable, with a magical appeal; Another unique back glue function ( If you are not careful when waste after tear pattern, can stick to reset, continue to use, does not need to multifarious remedy, reducing wear and tear, shorter working hours) 。 Second: Q1 - 1 ( Cold tear matte mold) Is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory first, independent research and development of a cold tear dumb face mold release agent is made of an elastomer, matte, the benchmark of environmental protection product, the product USES imported environmental protection cold mold release agent of dumb light of tear, by the precision equipment coating. The product since its launch, because of its excellent quality, high cost performance, etc. Has been loved by the masses of users, the product always out of stock. With the expansion of the user groups, and the corresponding demand is protean, its own method, is also facing challenges, especially in the stack of color, back to stick function, short board more and more obvious. As far as possible in order to adapt to the market, meet user, create value for customers, we are in Q1 - 1 ( Cold tear matte mold) On the basis of the upgraded to Q1 - 2 (
type resin) 。 We always keep the product at the same time, and as a benchmark of Q1 series products. This is the difference between the two similar heat transfer vinyl, learn more about heat transfer vinyl information can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service, more fascinating information on hand! ( Above for the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory market center, 20 years thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer, indicate the source! )
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