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The competitive advantage of PU machine manufacturer

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The competitive advantage of PU machine manufacturer. Thermal transfer materials in recent years, a lot of people want to enter this industry for gold, but not very sure what and firm cooperation, or take what advantages to compete with others, share here small make up to you, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory major competitive advantage with your reference. 1) And heat transfer vinyl products unique advantages: thermal transfer vinyl products currently on the market on color layer material selection, multifarious, each has his strong point. Company always insist on two points: the first color layer material all use the world famous brand, not mixed to give false; Second, process equipment selection, follow all the domestic well-known brand and leading technology, guarantee the accuracy and consistency of quality. 2) , strong research and development, and integration of material advantage: the company has research and development on the development strategy of the company's products in the first place, every year on r&d input is a top priority, whether technical talent introduction, testing equipment purchase, the application of new materials, etc are second to none in the peer. Relative to other companies were mostly integration products, acquisitions, does not have its own research and development system, product origin relatively messy, easy to cause the user east raschig fill, can't one-stop shopping, choice of diversification, frequent user confusion and problem. 3) , heat transfer vinyl products belong to the company's core competitive products, from the project to the market, always adhere to customer first principle, the company has a strong and perfect after-sales service system, the user's requirements is the sunrise efforts in the direction of the heat transfer vinyl factory. Company research and development project is one of the principles of the liberation of the user, the value of users, to stand in the Angle of the user to do products. Products in both cases has obvious application guidelines, and product batches, the matters needing attention, storage etc, also on the company's web site has a comprehensive knowledge of product introduction, welcome the masses of users and peer access at any time; At the same time the company has experienced after-sales service engineers, they are from r&d, manufacturing line junjie, as long as the user has to use problems, immediately answer; Has offices in the user area nearby, as long as the user demand, we can always door-to-door guidance services, etc. According to the company's future development plan, the company has been listed on the agenda will regularly visit customers, plan in the future organize company jobs such as research and development, manufacturing, customer service personnel on a regular basis for the regional customers to come to visit, the timely processing and collection of user information, provide service for the user at the same time, increase the viscosity of cooperation. 4) , heat transfer vinyl products sub of one's own: compared to a variety of products on the market, has the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory USES the pure import TPU hot melt medium, by precision coating equipment. Relative to other products, the applicable scope in fabrics, weatherability, adhesion, flexibility, environmental protection, flexibility after years of market feedback, widely praised. If you have any questions or free samples to board Lu Senxi heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service sincerely service for you! More information from your hand!
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