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The cuttings clothing special thermal transfer machines

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The cuttings clothing special thermal transfer machines. Clothing fabrics is more standard design drawings clothing, haven't after clipping sewing pieces, the pieces of cloth. Clothing fabrics for thermal transfer printing is more convenient, unlike garment uneven texture. Below to introduce the work piece is special thermal transfer machine. QY - A4 pyrograph hand shaking type machine: is suitable for the thermal transfer products, turn very hot a few can be turned hot needle textile fabrics such as clothing, apparel fabrics. QY - B1 - 1 hydraulic double location: thermal transfer machine suitable for large quantities of thermal transfer products, often used in the clothing factory, large bulk store, cuttings used to digital thermal transfer printing paper, clothing and other textile fabrics. QY - B1 - 4 pneumatic double location: thermal transfer machine is suitable for batch processing factory, the solvent can be kind of ink color logo and the thermal transfer in materials such as cotton, hemp, needle textile, especially suitable for making t-shirts and other apparel decoration, economic and practical, suitable for factory assembly line production. QY - C2 - 1 rotary hot stamping machine ( With winding device) Widely used in transfer printing fabric, net cloth shoes, umbrellas, crafts, decoration materials heat transfer sublimation printing, is a professional manufacturer of printing and advertising companies heat transfer sublimation printing equipment. Thermal transfer machine as the necessary tools for heat transfer in engineering, it affects the effect of thermal transfer products. Learn more thermal transfer information, can log in, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Thermal transfer information hand more!
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