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The gold foil heat transfer vinyl products parameters

by:Senxi      2021-01-26
Gold foil heat transfer coefficient of vinyl products per specifications: wide and 50 cm long, 25 m effective thickness: 0. 1 - 0. 11 mm material: structure: PET film plating + + PU resin hot melt adhesive characteristics: high elastic, metal luster, 60 degrees Fahrenheit wash resistance, feel soft, elastic material, soft, high cover, the surface light effect; High temperature resistance, no deformation, suitable for large Numbers, letters and patterns, and engraving, cutting and waste; Elastic bronzing heat transfer vinyl can stretch, ordinary hot stamping tensile membrane. Processing machine, carving machine, marking machine, laser machine process: thermal transfer stamping conditions: 150 degrees, zero. Color: 4 kg pressure, 10 SEC bronzing heat transfer vinyl: fluorescent pink, mei red, bright red, gold, green gold, black, green, light blue, dark blue, silver elastic bronzing heat transfer vinyl: silver, green gold, gray, tan, pink instructions: imitation metal heat transfer vinyl is made of high quality polyester ( PET) Thin film materials, the effect of metal plating; Using the high temperature resistant polyester ( PET) And substrate with adhesive, high temperature deformation, not degum, do not fade, high cover, supporting a variety of color, feel is hale and hearty, deep processing, can be make it more adapted to the pursuit of the diversity of the fashion industry; Scope: clothing, shoes and hats, bags, advertising materials, suitable for sports, such as thermal transfer number, symbol, word, advertising production. Can batch operation, rapid and simple operation. The sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer sen vinyl factory pyrograph all kinds of heat transfer vinyl, including TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl, gold green heat transfer vinyl, laser heat transfer vinyl, fake metal heat transfer vinyl ( Also known as hot stamping heat transfer vinyl) , PVC heat transfer vinyl, foam heat transfer vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl and luminous heat transfer vinyl, etc. Adopt the import, environmentally friendly TPU material manufacturing, feel is controllable, optional. To learn more about fake metal heat transfer vinyl information, free sample experience, more fascinating information to your hand! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory's website:
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