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The operation secret of heat transfer vinyl carving fine patterns

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Heat transfer vinyl carved designs the operation secret! Heat transfer vinyl carving fine patterns, and some heat transfer vinyl will waste words, some heat transfer vinyl fine carving patterns can become warped edge, and so on questions, how to solve the heat transfer vinyl carving fine patterns of these questions, listen to the small make up to share, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years' experience in heat transfer. You must points clear, clients sculpture design tools and process selection ( Such as laser hot and cold knife carving machine) Color, design, molding need ( Need to fold the color? Tinted? Single color? And ironing process path design) 。 Under normal circumstances, can be roughly divided into: fine line kind of pattern and color variety, monochrome and color matching color, fold color design, etc. Among them, the sunrise TPU elastic thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory vinyl Q1 - 2 ( Viscose substrate) The applicable scope covers the Q1 - 1 ( Mold material end) Scope of application, and Q1 - 1 has obvious limitations. Monochrome pattern: Q1 - 1 and Q1 2 two, at the same time to adapt to the cold and hot carving craft; Multiple color chromaticity, folding color: Q1 - 2 can be used. Specific operating requirements are: 1) , color pattern color can be overlapping ironing, eventually meet the user's color rendering ( Q1 - 2 applicable) 。 In the process of practical application, the user can fold part or large folding color color. Process can be divided into a tinted, tinted for many times, Q1 - at the moment 2 can be applicable to all kinds of matching color requirements. 2) Pattern class, fine lines, in the long-term use, test, sen the sunrise Q1 - heat transfer vinyl factory recommended 2. The reason is as follows: Q1 - 2 use environmental protection silicone as the material quality, its adhesion, peel force is relatively stable, and has the function of back stick, because fine line type design, is very high to the requirement of transfer printing materials, therefore, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory and develop Q1 - spending a huge sum of money Two series of products, is specially built for the masses of users a wide range of application, broadband powerful practicability, low processing cost of the product to return, long-term support and attention of our customers friends. Q1 - 2 heat transfer vinyl resin type is reset etc, suitable for the design of fine design, Numbers and letters. Log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory web site or by calling 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) Vinyl, learn more thermal transfer thermal transfer information. ( The above articles for the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original ( ) Ink manufacturers, 20 years, indicate the source! )
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