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【 The popular science 】 Thermal transfer pyrograph wholesale manufacturers

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
【 The popular science 】 Thermal transfer pyrograph wholesale manufacturers. To understand a thermal transfer pyrograph wholesale manufacturers, must know the thermal transfer material, the material, the quality of the product and then understand factory research and development capabilities, production capacity, the ability to solve the problem. It is important to visit the factory, the practical experience of thermal transfer pyrograph wholesale manufacturers. One, understanding from the thermal transfer thermal transfer materials chemical material, glue, rubber paste, ink sublimation heat transfer vinyl, flat backing machice, away from the type of film, thermal transfer materials such as a large number of finished product manufacture which belongs to thermal transfer material. Hot melt adhesive film, for example, hot melt adhesive film as the same material or different material of adhesive. There also different kinds of materials, covering TPU hot melt adhesive film, PA hot melt adhesive film, PES hot melt adhesive film, etc. , in the case of TPU hot melt adhesive film, coating material itself is the use of advanced technology, the product has strong adhesive fastness, resistance to water, high elastic performance can be achieved by detecting at the same time, such as product raw material imports, belongs to the environmental protection product. Wide range of hardness, adhesive and other features. Second, understand the thermal transfer thermal transfer materials materials manufacturers produce power: power production is mainly manifested in the research and development ability and the manufacturers of machinery and equipment manufacturers. 1. Manufacturer of machinery and equipment is the key to the production capacity, at the same time, the quality of products and related machinery and equipment, knife don't miss your job, so it's necessary to introduce advanced production equipment. Japan komori four color printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, more than 100 meters of coating and stretch film machine, hydraulic high precision chemical grinding machine, biochemical wastewater treatment equipment and so on to save manpower, seiko production is a kind of professional. 2. Manufacturer of research and development ability is to guarantee the quality of products and to ensure the diversity of products. Quality is needless to say, the diversity of the single product can be understood as the diversity of different types, different series, can also be understood as the same to sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory as an example, the heat transfer vinyl types are divided into nine series: TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl, glitter heat transfer vinyl, laser heat transfer vinyl, imitation metal heat transfer vinyl, PVC thermal transfer printing heat transfer vinyl, vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl, reflective/luminous heat transfer vinyl, fabric heat transfer vinyl. These series points category that is the same the diversity of different series. Spoke so much, do you have a heart, want to thermal transfer pyrograph wholesale factory visit, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site add WeChat 15359509866! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service!
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