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【 The popular science 】 Why do heat transfer vinyl lies lines

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
【 The popular science 】 Why do heat transfer vinyl lies lines? Heat transfer vinyl lies, is refers to the heat transfer vinyl hot stamping on clothes, can't completely cover the fabric of clothing. Know the reason of lies lines, to prevent heat transfer vinyl lies grain problem. So from the following points to get to know the cause of the heat transfer vinyl lies lines. , enterprise standard heat transfer vinyl products turn to iron lies grain reason, after the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory is up to the standard of enterprise products, each big series are standard thickness, heat transfer vinyl products such as Q1TPU elastic heat transfer vinyl series of dry film thickness is 110 - The total thickness of 120 um, including mold is 210 - 220 um, test for pure cotton fabric, cloth line straight relatively, fabric smoothness is better. Enterprise standard products to expose fabric has the following two reasons: 1. Standard products are applicable to all kinds of ordinary knitting, chemical fiber, blended fabric, for bag cloth fabric, such as coarse, the fabric is easily lies. 2. Associated with the factors of hot stamping, such as folding color ( Two press) , the heavy pressure, hot pressing time is too long, the high temperature setting have relations. For this customer when heat transfer vinyl products of choose and buy, must first understand the heat transfer vinyl fabric printing, thermal transfer vinyl turn present iron, hot stamping process, etc. Secondly, explain the heat transfer from the heat transfer principle of vinyl lies after turn hot lines for thermal transfer principle: thermal transfer usually refers to, will have been printed well ( Make good) The hot figure, through the way of heating, pressure, hot melt adhesive in this picture had melted and fused to the fabric texture, so that the hot figure fit closely with fabric printing. If the fabric texture is too thick, the absolute amount already all fused to the fabric on the inside, at the same time, the color layer of hot figure some together with adhesive solution infiltration, the results in figure hot surface fabric wrinkles, the aesthetic impact design. Hot stamping pressure, temperature, time is too long, leading to excessive melting, heating color protectionlayer, middle layer and thus rendered through fabric. If it is thicker cloth fabric, it is suggested that prevent the thick product such as sublimation. If you really need to wash water requirements, such as in stamping part, please pay attention to three principles deal with hot stamping, Temperature, pressure, time) 。 Login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) Solve the problem of thermal transfer, hot stamping, hot stamping lies grain problems easily solved.
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