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The preservation of the clothing thermal transfer film?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The preservation of the clothing thermal transfer film? These fashionable clothing thermal transfer film printing, is our own customized products, if there is a break or fall off, can let we lost. In fact most of the time, we purchase the machine there is no problem, but didn't tell the guest the right way to maintenance. 24 years machine manufacturer, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory bring you a thermal transfer film printing correct maintenance tips: 1. Just finished ironing machine printing clothing, generally need after 2 days of stable period, so suggest 2 days after washing, washing clothes after soft feel than just processing. 2. Printing clothing thermal transfer membrane surface generally do not have stolen goods, do not forcibly knead when washing printing design part. 3. In order to guarantee the stability of the machine, it is suggested that do not use bleach wash, water temperature not to exceed 40 & deg; C。 4. When using a washing machine develop flower dress, will printing design in turn to wash again. As far as possible need not washing machine to dry, dry prone to fold, especially vinyl imitation metal thermal transfer printing clothing. 5. Air is basked in, try to put the prints to drying. 6. When ironing clothes, not hot iron, it is suggested that use steam ironing temperature ( Or destroy the molecular structure of the elastic material, thus affecting elastic effect) In the printing design opposite ironing. There are all kinds of sublimation spent membrane, according to different fabrics choose different printing membrane and scalding parameters. ( This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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