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The sunrise FQA pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products FQA! Clothing pyrograph type belongs to customize products, at the same time, need after typesetting, printing, drying, quality supervision, inspection and other multiprogramming. Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory using high precision printing machine, but because of artificial or non-artificial reason lead to products all kinds of problems, the following list pyrograph common problems and solutions. 1 turn, pyrograph products hot surface is not flat after what reason be? Answer: we use to cover the white background is odorless water-based ink, in the rainy season or high humidity climate, pyrograph easily influenced by the outside humidity, cause pyrograph products be affected with damp be affected with damp, cause uneven surface, after turn hot suggestion again pyrograph drying, and stored in a dry place, can solve the problem of uneven surface after ironing. 2, washable pyrograph products? Answer: according to the different requirements of customers for products, provide different craft standard, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory production of high-grade products, is to use A complete set of polyurethane materials and protective layer mode of production, can be washable 50 times above, is A product of pyrograph users and are very popular among the old and new customers. 3, pyrograph products to environmental protection? A: has the sunrise to the class A high-grade heat transfer vinyl factory products, all adopt imported raw materials, production cengcengbaguan, can the eu standards by SGS, and have passed Oeko - Tex100 certification. 4, after pyrograph turn hot and cloth glued unstable is how to return a responsibility? Answer: generally is related to turn very hot conditions, please use manual operation according to the pyrograph and adjust better hot temperature, time, pressure and other factors. 5, after pyrograph turned hot, cloth color dye sublimation to pyrograph pattern? A: some fabric dyes, instability in the implantation will migrate to the surface for a long time, so as to affect the surface beauty, the pyrograph according to this problem, developed a absorbing dye inks, called sublimation ink, it can effectively for a long time to absorb and cut off the dye migration. Taken according to different dye technology and cut off the length of time is different also. 6, coarse grain of the fabric with what type of pyrograph? Answer: according to different fabrics, pyrograph product is different also, adopted by the coarse grain of the fabric we specially developed a case technology products, mainly for bags cloth, Oxford cloth, 400 d, 600 d, such as coarse grain fabrics, after turn hot surface level off, better with effect of cold strip. 7 above, pyrograph turn hot in leather, over a period of time pyrograph wrinkling is what problem, how should solve? A: some pyrograph hot on the part of the leather, the placement of over a period of time, pyrograph will wrinkle, fall off, this problem is mainly fabrics contained a large amount of plasticizer, long time accumulation of plasticizer can float on the surface, thus with the solvent of pyrograph produces chemical reaction, cause pyrograph fall off. To prevent fall off, have to solve from pyrograph process, using solvent-free glue, use dusting process, let the plasticizer cannot react with a solvent, and prevent pyrograph loss effect. If you encounter thermal transfer pyrograph problem, can be directly login the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! There will be a customer service commissioner, one-on-one service for you with all sincerity! More fascinating information also by your hand!
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