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The wind restoring ancient ways of printable heat transfer vinyl, reveal personality

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The wind restoring ancient ways of printable heat transfer vinyl, reveal personality. In the 1970 s, hippies, anti-war, commune and the feminist movement spread to the west, and then began to popular subculture, youth obsessed with rock of rebelling, meanwhile, T-shirt printing started. Now began to popular agitation restoring ancient ways, all kinds of garment printing and printing heat transfer vinyl is rich in species once again by the market demand. Some people on the clothes of his idol, some people will print their favorite film stills or various photos as a souvenir, some printed or self-help or funny sentences. If you want to do myself or to the individual customization project startup, it must know how to choose the clothing heat transfer vinyl. Can print heat transfer vinyl ( Also known as color film) For fabric color pictures of different can be divided into TPU film, half PU color film, PVC color film. The color pictures of TPU film and points available in light color fabric color pictures of TPU film and deep light color fabrics are available color pictures of TPU film. Semi PU color film is relatively easier to waste, high cost performance. And PVC color film than PU relatively hard and inelastic, but competitive. Tide always is the trend, not necessarily suitable for themselves. Clothes color film, just like tattoo on body, can be a sign, you reveal your attitude can keep youth both pain and happy memories, can also be used to commemorate the casual and touching moment. ( This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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