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Theory of traffic, fujian heat transfer vinyl manufacturer also is not bad

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Theory of traffic, fujian heat transfer vinyl manufacturer also is not bad! Fujian heat transfer vinyl factory is located in the coastal areas, transportation by sea, land and air transportation is quite convenient. Logistics capability will affect the efficiency of the customer, choose wrong logistics will affect the cost of the customer. Fujian heat transfer vinyl manufacturers therefore it is worth mentioning, what are the advantages of logistics to sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory small make up slowly to share for you. 1. Ocean shipping generally refers to the transportation at sea, such as bulk cargo transportation, container shipping port to port of maritime transport. This kind of transportation is usually, along the coastal cities, thermal transfer material transport or other countries. In the coastal region of fujian province, near the east China sea, the Pacific Ocean, sea transport convenience. 2. Land land is divided into road motor transport and so on. Usually in domestic city as the main location, eight vertical and eight horizontal railway, many built or under construction in transportation hub, accelerating the construction of logistics park and other logistics bases. The base of land in fujian is enhanced, at the same time, logistics choice. 3. Airfreight airfreight is by plane or other aircraft carrier as a mode of transportation, generally is the urgent need of the goods. With a heavy case, shorten delivery time at the same time, the high cost relative to other modes of transportation. Fujian heat transfer vinyl manufacturer in air compared to other cities. The above three ways of logistics way customers more choose their own actual situation. Sen the sunrise factory heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl manufacturer in fujian has a perfect logistics system, and logistics company signed a contract, at the same time under the heat transfer vinyl packaging full time, let the product to the customer is not damaged. Want to know more about fujian heat transfer vinyl manufacturer information, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) !
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