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There are these kinds of clothing pyrograph

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Clothing pyrograph has these types! This time with more fun so much, simple analyses the principle and application of clothing pyrograph directly, the types of clothing pyrograph, hope to be able to give you will already have struggled in the ink industry customer reference and help. Rebecca: clothing pyrograph principle and application of the clothing pyrograph technologies applied in the printing industry is very broad, including the current clothing gourd and metal photo is done using the clothing pyrograph technology design effect. Clothing pyrograph theory is actually very easy to understand, the video output on the transfer paper, then in the appropriate temperature and pressure transfer printing process on different material. Local hot stamping is very simple, difficult is difficult in the hot stamping of large area, uniform and not fall off. Due to the different clothing pyrograph machine, owned by the thermal transfer heating system is different also, therefore, is very tall to the requirement of this large area hot stamping technology. Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products are widely used in t-shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, children's clothing, clothing, bags, poncho, umbrella, handicraft, gloves, pillowcases and so on all kinds of cloth art product, with hot stamping effect is good, the speed is quick, the product is beautiful and generous, good color fastness and washing resistance and soft, best-selling all over the world. A clear division of responsibilities: all kinds of trend of high temperature clothing pyrograph: pyrograph drainage is mainly used for cotton and blended knitted garments, such as T-shirt, pajamas, etc. Its hot stamping product has design effect is good, very hot after the soft and elastic, etc. Low temperature clothing pyrograph: mainly used for nylon fabric and imitations of leather, such as elastic sports clothes, bathing suits, coats, shoes, leather gloves, pyrograph same pattern effect and high temperature after hot clothing. Foam clothing pyrograph: using the technology of hot stamping product has distinct layers and excellent elongation, and the pattern is clear, bright color. Penetration clothing pyrograph: penetration clothing pyrograph stamping products with ink layer thinner, permeability is good and clear pattern and etc. , the overall effect of natural realistic characteristics. Gold and silver clothing pyrograph: clothing pyrograph can iron out the golden light shine printing quality, can be applied to knitted t-shirts, bags and other items. Flocking clothing pyrograph: pyrograph flocking clothing design of stamping flocking effect. Want to further understand pyrograph, can click on the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! There will be a customer service commissioner, one-on-one service for you with all sincerity! To help you on the way to grow up, go forward!
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