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Thermal transfer film can fall off why?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer film can fall off why? Hot printed pattern on the clothes look is going to fall off? First of all, we have to know about the thermal transfer film can fall under what circumstances will: a, PET film hot stamping to tear away without bonding that happens first look at the heat transfer of three elements: time, temperature and pressure. These three factors will affect the thermal transfer film hot stamping effect. If really happened this problem, after ripping out of the PET film don't ripped from the film completely, to cover the original pattern, and then transfer directly. If accidentally tear film, can build a blank film on patterns in turn hot. Second, fall off after washing test machine wash test suggested in 24 hours after hot stamping, if it is 24 hours after hot stamping washed off, can find a sales engineer, offer samples or the operation video to the engineer to find a solution, 3 turns hot, water is no problem, but it still falls off after a time, the machine itself could be the cause, or a cloth coated with waterproof layer, etc. , it is suggested to use the samples for testing, through the test before mass production. In use process, if there is any doubt, consult factory. Want to know more about this machine information, please visit: (machine factory This article, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original reproduced indicate the source)
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