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Thermal transfer film 'elastic' problem!

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer film & other; Elastic & throughout; The question! This machine through the thermal transfer process stamping on bearing iron content, thermal transfer is through the thermal transfer machine ( Heating pressure) Will fine pattern on the printing film transfer printing process on the surface of the substrates, and to share below thermal transfer film, printing film related products information. In fact, the use of thermal transfer film must have good heat from sex and sex and beautiful then graphic, in the process of heat transfer are very well reflects the graphic can be & other; Loose & throughout; , away from the carrier film is & other; Tight & throughout; , hot glue in the products surface. A & other; Loose & throughout; A & other; Tight & throughout; , is a & other; Perfect & throughout; This machine has the characteristics of, also is the technical key point. This kind of machine, through the thermal transfer machine, heat and pressure transferring graphic Yu Chengyin material on the surface, cause the transfer printing products to improve the class, increase the added value of the goods. At present, the decorative sublimation method has been widely used in stationery, daily, toys, household building materials industries. This machine becomes the most widely used in decoration industry consumables, infinite prospect of market. You are a garment or garment processing manufacturers? Are you sports shoes or slippers manufacturing factory? Are you garment printing personalization manufacturers? … … If you are a hot stamping or textile industry, if you need to hot stamping, all sorts of design printing or composite bonding two materials, so & ndash; — The sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph, thermal transfer materials/pyrograph manufacturers, can help you, hope to get your attention. Warm prompt: learn more about this machine information or experience heat transfer vinyl samples, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Customer service specialist will wholeheartedly one-on-one service for you! On the personalized by you!
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