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Thermal transfer materials plant small assistant - — Pyrograph machine

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer materials plant small assistant & ndash; — Pyrograph machine! Pyrograph machine as a thermal transfer equipment, one of the indispensable factors pyrograph machine quality affects the effect of heat transfer vinyl and the working efficiency of the customer. Choose pyrograph confidential know pyrograph machine knowledge, choose cost-effective pyrograph machine. So you should know these considerations pyrograph machine. 1. Pyrograph machine basic knowledge of the hot stamping machine at present by the hot pressing can be divided into flat, line pressure of two types; According to pressure transmission methods are divided into three types of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, Usually small batch, small area of hot stamping selection of flat type ( Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical) ; These devices have their own advantages, mechanical and hydraulic pressure is relatively stable, small batch processing or testing generally choose hydraulic type; If mass production scale, the user USES the line pressure rotary hot stamping machine. 2. Pyrograph machine use notice all the hot stamping machine are temperature, pressure, time adjust module, such as thermometer, timetable, pressure adjusting bolt or gear. Know each heat transfer vinyl, pyrograph thermal transfer products such as temperature, pressure and time, such reasonable set turn hot parameters, stamping production pattern can achieve good effect. At the same time before using pyrograph machine to debug pyrograph machine. 3. Pyrograph machine how to detect pyrograph machine is the most important parts in hot plate, according to the heating plate area is different, there is in the lower weight standard, generally speaking, the greater the weight using the more reliable performance. Pyrograph machine plate under pressure, with the lower absolute parallel. Test on the lower is occlusive close to, can put a cardboard, respectively, in the four corners, and then to handle down, for the lower bite card died, will the cardboard these outwards, can pull out the loose up and down, you can know whether on the lower level off, the machine is qualified. If you want to know more pyrograph machine or heat transfer vinyl information can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , if you need the sample test samples can be mailed to the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory or to the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory company was measured, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factories pour to solve for you! ( The above article is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original market center, reprint please indicate the source)
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