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Thermal transfer materials with logo?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer materials with logo label? Apparel production often used logo mark, a common logo label material generally is thermal transfer material, are: pyrograph, TPU heat transfer vinyl, thin high heat transfer vinyl, etc. For different clothing fabric and logo design, we can choose different material to carve logo label. If a custom logo label number, color variety, logo standard thickness thin, can use thermal transfer materials & ndash; — Pyrograph, can print heat transfer vinyl. Pyrograph and printable heat transfer vinyl colour and lustre is bright, color is pure, printed clear, soft and close-fitting, feel is good. The most important quality is guaranteed, by the European Union and SGS environmental protection certification. Except to carefully select the print materials also need to pay attention in printing ink selection, use quality certification through the green ink, otherwise easy to rub off, the color will be very big. Thermal transfer materials & ndash; — Pyrograph and heat transfer vinyl operation is very simple and convenient, does not need to plate heat transfer vinyl, pyrograph need to customize, if you want to DIY design, recommend choose cheaper if quantity is not much more convenient heat transfer vinyl. To learn more about thermal transfer material information, experience a free sample, welcome to login the sunrise pyrograph website: (heat transfer vinyl factory This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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