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Thermal transfer pyrograph can and reason of the heat transfer sublimation phase difference

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer pyrograph can and the cause of the heat transfer sublimation phase difference! Pyrograph and thermal sublimation belongs to the category of printing, also belong to thermal transfer printing, i. e. thermal transfer including pyrograph and the sublimation. Many customers can't distinguish between what is pyrograph what is the sublimation and of course for those who do professional printing boss, they must be understand. In this paper, we simply share pyrograph and heat sublimation. Similarities: pyrograph and sublimation paper belongs to thermal transfer, hot stamping principle in general is the same, is a way to transfer to the fabric by heat. Differences: 1, the temperature and time of hot stamping is different. In general pyrograph hot stamping temperature is 130 - Time is about 6-150 degrees 10 seconds ( Of course different manufacturers use hot melt adhesive, may be hot stamping temperature and time is different, but most) The temperature to 200 - and sublimation paper Between 230 degrees, the time is about 15 Between 20 seconds. 2, the fabrics of hot stamping is different. Pyrograph can be very hot in knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth and so on all fabrics can be hot stamping. The sublimation paper can only be very hot on the light color or white polyester fabric. The more compounds polyester color is more bright-coloured. After 3, hot stamping, feel is not the same. Pyrograph is hot melt adhesive on the back, so hot stamping on the fabric feels there is a feel, seems to be something attached on the surface of fabric, it feels a bit tense. The sublimation paper is ink penetration into the fabric, so called sublimation, feels there is no touch, is soft. 4, color differ. Pyrograph pyrograph can reach the effect of pictures, do provide clear only when the original file ( The vector diagram) Can reach the effect of photos, is done. Effect is not as good as sublimation paper hot stamping out pyrograph is clear. The fabrics of sublimation paper hot stamping with polyester component and the higher the color is more bright-coloured. With hot stamping temperature and time, of course, there is a relationship, the higher the temperature of the hot stamping the longer, the color is more bright-coloured. There is a difference between 5 and washing fastness. Pyrograph generally good washing fastness, washing fastness than sublimation paper pyrograph is quality to the difference, however, distinguish between pyrograph quality mainly according to: elasticity and washing resistance. The sublimation paper, there is no this characteristic. We sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph company do A grade product can reach more than 4 washing fastness, B grade product can reach grade 4 color fastness, C grade product can reach level 3 color fastness ( Both can be given by GSG test) 。 Above is pyrograph and the sublimation of the same and different place. Of course including thermal transfer printing, thermal transfer have including pyrograph and the sublimation. The pattern on the fabric by means of heating process is called sublimation.
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