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Thermal transfer pyrograph order process

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
1. First, the customer need to place an order to customize thermal transfer pyrograph, will let the customer file, such as the PSD, AI format. 2. We will again pyrograph design to design layout, the size of the single figure and the entire layout. We have two specifications of 48 * * 543 64/39. The version: pyrograph color printing will be more expensive than screen printing, color printing pyrograph second repeat order more than a certain number back all the version, repeat order quantity is not enough, you will need to boot up charge again. Screen printing pyrograph is divided into two kinds, one kind is pure screen printing, is a kind of wash water ma, the pure screen printing will be more expensive than washing label, and according to the color charge fee. 4. Pyrograph proofing time is 4 - 5 days. This time from the client to determine pyrograph design, size, to calculate after receive money, not to say that the hair pyrograph file began to calculation time. ( Type and pyrograph belonged to customized products, can't do will delivery immediately, he is a time period. ) If is urgent, the customer would pay the urgent fee, time cycle can be shortened 2 days. 5. Do pyrograph in 5 - large cargo time 7 days. 6. Pyrograph after the goods ready, make sure pyrograph logistics. Want to understand the thermal transfer information pyrograph, free samples experience, more fascinating information to your hand! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory's website:
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