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Thermal transfer pyrograph production process

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer pyrograph production process! Thermal transfer pyrograph to many types of deep light color printing monochrome, color and functional apparel fabrics, flat, three-dimensional, reflective effect of identification and decoration, such as the following to share thermal transfer pyrograph production process. First of all, is the type of film production. From the type of film is printed substrate materials, design printing on the mold of film, first through pyrograph machine turn very hot on the cloth. About mold of film production, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory has the mechanization, automation of advanced equipment for production from the type of film. From the type of film is divided into several, matte, light and smoothing the difference between cold tear and hot tear again at the same time, from the type of film is mainly surface level off is smooth, uniform coating adhesion effectively, anti-static. The mold after the production of the film also need through cutting, packaging. Then the above from the type of film for printing. From the type of film through automatic color printing printing design, good color printing mold film on suction wet room for 24 hours for wet and dry. Stay dry color printing design, and then to the next screen printing process, deeply understand, glue printing. The gluing machine is fully automatic and semi-automatic machine network printing machine. Will be cutting out on the rubber material of thermal transfer paper, use pyrograph transfer heat transfer materials hot on clothes, then printed clothes detection, sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory each production can do a series of thermal transfer materials testing, including washing test, tensile test and so on. So much of the heat transfer pyrograph effect, can experience pyrograph samples, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory website or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory will wholeheartedly for your service to solve! The more industry information in control!
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