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Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory detailed decorative film

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory detailed decorative film. TPU products are widely used, high and low temperature membrane can be applied to clothing, shoes and bags in the market, TPU high and low temperature membrane of clothing, shoes and hats, such as the pursuit of fashion, most businesses in view of the situation with a smattering of TPU heat transfer vinyl still exist, just below small make up to you, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory of six major categories of TPU decorative film. Decoration film six varieties: plane, grinding, semi-permeable, pearl, reflective, plaid, color and diversified decorative film. TPU high and low temperature decorative film products characteristics and application range: 1, high and low temperature membrane because of its simple, soft, elastic, three-dimensional, Thickness) And easy to use, widely used in shoes, clothing, bags, etc all kinds of textile fabrics, is one of the materials of the fashion leisure and sports brand selection; Such as: sports shoes of the instep, the tongue label, trademark and decorative accessories, luggage straps, reflective safety label, LOGO, etc. 2, using high quality pu material and precision coating processing and become, have strong adhesive fastness, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, folding, washable, etc. 3, this product has 6 kinds of apparent effect, each has more than ten colors, can match use, higher value-added; 4, with sports and outdoor products innovation, focus on the light and in selecting materials plate contracted, save labor costs, high low temperature decorative film to replace the traditional car line technology, using hot pressing on operating hot forming technology, is simple and fast, thus no sewing in shoes market is called high low temperature decoration film, and popular. A detailed description of the TPU decorative film features and characteristics and application scope, everybody should be any doubt about TPU decorative membrane can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , more information will be used by your hand!
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