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Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl to use?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl to use? Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl and thermal transfer pyrograph are often customers compare with it, then the thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl to use? It compared to heat transfer pyrograph what are the differences, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory engineers to analyze the advantages of thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl and pyrograph differences. TPU heat transfer vinyl features: high wear resistance, wide range of hardness, high mechanical strength, high processing characteristics, water resistant, oil resistant, resistant to mildew, good performance and strong tensile force. In the long-term practice, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory by changing the resin component proportion, to adjust the hardness and elasticity. Sen the sunrise TPU heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory also use TPU ink, it mainly has the following advantages: excellent adhesion, low viscosity, good resistance to flexible, excellent wear resistance, high gloss, weatherability, can resist any sun exposure, including UV irradiation, strong toughness, and durability performance in application field. Aromatic and aliphatic ink made of TPU can be used in all kinds of climate and environment conditions, the product has stable and outstanding performance. TPU
ink has a bright and smooth appearance, good shading sex and alcohol resistance, adhesion, etc. Heat transfer vinyl and pyrograph six big difference, the craft is different heat transfer vinyl coating process, without glue. Pyrograph is printing, rubber edge. Second, different specifications for heat transfer vinyl stock specifications: 50 cm * 25 m/roll, a rolled up sale, specifications can be customized, can cut sheets, rolls, etc. Pyrograph fixed specifications: 39 cm * 54 cm/sheet, 48 cm * 64 cm/sheet. Three, different color thermal transfer vinyl ( Except for color film) Is mostly the color, variety of color can only be tinted or color. Pyrograph can show photos, and some of the gradient pattern. Four, different heat transfer vinyl surface no special texture, grain is dumb light plane, grinding, more light side effects. Texture: pyrograph can customize mat grain, leather grain, plaid, frosted, all over the sky star effect. Five, the production cycle of the different heat transfer vinyl for regular stock product, but on the day of the delivery, can DIY, simple operation, no need plate making, instant 10 minutes. Pyrograph is customized products, proofing, edition, printing, have certain production cycle, for 4 - commonly 7 days. Six different heat transfer vinyl, operation way to form a complete set of equipment: carving machine/laser machine, marking machine cutting pattern shape, reoccupy pyrograph machine to turn hot. Pyrograph to design product, after cutting, the pattern with pyrograph machine turned hot. Heat transfer vinyl very not good is not sales personnel, factory have the final say, want experience, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866, ask for samples, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory for you!
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