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This kind of do you need in thermal transfer material

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Thermal transfer materials of the you need! Due to the rapid development of clothing industry, the material demand is also increasingly enhanced. The most belong to the thermal transfer material, can be called interlocking, endless. So some people can not help but ask, what is thermal transfer material, more widespread? According to these questions, the following please 20 years by the heat transfer production/manufacturing experience, the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory made detailed introduction, hope to be of help. Thermal transfer material definition is very broad: 1, thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl series products: Q1 - Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl, Q2 - Glitter heat transfer vinyl, Q3 - Laser heat transfer vinyl, Q4 - The metal heat transfer vinyl, Q5 - Can print heat transfer vinyl, Q6 - PVC heat transfer vinyl, Q7 - Flocking heat transfer vinyl, Q8 - Against/luminous heat transfer vinyl; Hot melt adhesive film, heat position paper, etc. ; 2, heat transfer printed pyrograph series products: PET low-temperature pyrograph, offset pyrograph, wash water ma pyrograph, foaming pyrograph, flocking pyrograph, elastic swimsuit pyrograph, reflective pyrograph, non-woven pyrograph, etc; 3, thermal transfer coating chemical series products: hot stamping mold release agent, water-based printing mucilage, solvent ink, thermosetting ink, hot melt glue, and the related auxiliary materials, etc. ; Thermal transfer materials are widely used in: in the continuation of traditional textile processing enterprises ( Such as: clothing, bags, shoes and hats, factories, etc. ) Conditions, development to today's advertising industry, tourism, and observe the supplies, sports products, personal consumption decorative supplies, car interior decoration industry and building materials, etc. The sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ( Fujian) Pyrograph technology co. , LTD. , began in 1996 and headquartered in fujian jinjiang industrial zone), their own land more than 20000, plant more than 30000 ping, has imported from Japan komori four-color printing presses, Japan Fuji CPT automatic plate making and color control system, automatic large gravure coating production lines, more than ten automatic screen printing machine and other auxiliary equipment, is China's professional/thermal transfer thermal transfer material pyrograph manufacturers. Sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory products are widely used in t-shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, children's clothing, clothing, bags, poncho, umbrella, handicraft, gloves, pillowcases and so on all kinds of cloth art product, with hot stamping effect is good, the speed is quick, the product is beautiful and generous, good color fastness and washing resistance and soft, best-selling all over the world. Above all, thermal transfer material is very broad, according to the characteristics of apparel to choose the right material. If you have other questions, you can login the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 (directly WeChat with Numbers) ! There will be a customer service commissioner, one-on-one service for you with all sincerity! More fascinating information will also be by your hand!
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