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This machine manufacturers of these a few PU heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
This machine manufacturers of these a few PU heat transfer vinyl! This time to introduce the elasticity of the TPU heat transfer vinyl, gold green heat transfer vinyl, laser heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl belongs to the printed word, fashion, it's fashion, practicality is very high, to give all the details of the share details of these three heat transfer vinyl. Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl bright clear, bright color is pure; Use environmental protection material, feel is good, coloring and firm, not cracking, soft and elastic, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and sunshine do not fade, do not fade, machine wash, wash off, rub resistance, no odor, high and low temperature environment does not glue, not broken, no glue, good elasticity; Can be tinted transfer
, make clothing design more rich, more individuality; Complex and recovery function, when the tear what isn't needed, to accidentally tore the should retain part, due to strong glue film back. Color green heat transfer vinyl stereo feeling good, golden onion powder evenly meticulous, even flash effect; Pure color, color variety; Rub resistance, hand washing powder machine wash not to drop, can use all kinds of washing method of washing, high and low temperature environment does not glue, not broken; Resistance to uv and sunlight, it will never rub off; The membrane materials for environmental protection material; Can be tinted transfer printing, make clothing ( Especially the T-shirt) The patterns of the richer, more individuality; Machine carved and hand carved all can use; Pyrograph machine with steam iron can be hot stamping. Laser heat transfer vinyl bright is dazzing, color changes, colorful, with metal texture, fully covered the original clothing color, carving machine cutting and manual cutting, processing; No need plate making, save the time and cost for plate making and instant, saving manpower and material resources; Rolls of packing, let you moment as much as they want to carve and maximize the use of edge horn material, avoid waste, cost control. Alarm more machine information, all in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory alarm' Welfare incoming 】 Thermal transfer film price exposure according to thermal transfer film on the market price, differentiation is too big. If according to the above quality, market price 550 or so, mainly according to transfer printing material quality. Because the heat transfer vinyl USES is very wide, which creates a lot of derived products. To this, in this small make up warned everyone, in to buy the products at the same time, must understand the product characteristics and transfer printing material characteristics, combining, is the most grasp on quality. When the quality is proportional to the price, how to choose a manufacturer? 1, choose your older old factory: ginger is old spicy, you know. 2, select manufacturer of strength is very big, like, a glass of water can only have a glass of water power, a cylinder of water? 3, choose to have approved by the brand manufacturers: this is the best strength verification for manufacturers. 4 and choose service features: fast-paced era, without some gone features, is to attract customers the crowd. Above all, to learn more about thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl information, can log in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site, or directly call 15359509866! There will be a professional customer service one-on-one service for you with all sincerity! More wonderful content by your hand!
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