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This machine where to have sell?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
This machine where there is sell! This machine is a dielectric material of thermal transfer process, transfer heat transfer patterns on the membranes of the iron in the clothing, shoes, bags and other items of the surface. Play the role of decorate, value-added. The current era of personalization, the demand for thermal transfer film, textiles, clothing, printing and other purchasers should be where the thermal transfer film, the choose and buy, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory small make up comment on your own opinion. As is known to all, guangzhou textile apparel manufacturers, for big demand for this machine, so the suppliers arises at the historic moment. Many purchaser will often go near the company machine manufacturers, but the geographical position of distance does not measure the overall quality of a machine manufacturer. So in addition to guangzhou, near jinjiang sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory in guangzhou, is a matter of thermal transfer film can be sold. He has the following advantages.>>>>>> More heat transfer vinyl prices, all in. 。 。 。 < < < < < < 1. Established business, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory since 1996, 20 years experience, and research and development, production, trade, focus on research and development machine. 2. International standardization workshop material basis, a complete industrial chain, has advanced production equipment coating and stretch film machine, hydraulic of chemical high precision grinding machine, the biochemical wastewater treatment equipment and so on. 3. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory achievement international authoritative certification, through the SGS, 7) Environmental protection certification and OEKO - TEX100 certification, loved by customers and praise. 4. Service mechanism to help sports apparel industry, smart digital hot stamping logo. From ink, mucilage coating chemical materials until the wind thermal transfer thermal transfer membrane material, to the thermal transfer equipment, provide solution for integrated products and services. Above all if you want to know where this machine has sold reference above 4 points to make a choice, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory welcome you the boss to factory to check. If you also want to learn more thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl information, can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More wonderful content will be made by your hand!
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