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To know how many luminous/reflective heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
The luminous/reflective heat transfer vinyl know about it! In the heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, Q8 series of luminous/reflective heat transfer vinyl has its distinguishing feature very much. As long as in a dark place will glow, jade-like stone light green add some light to you at night. So, below 20 years thermal transfer material manufacturer & ndash; — Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph about product features for this purpose. 1. Luminescent heat transfer vinyl: as long as in a dark place will glow, jade-like stone light green to you activities to add some light in the night, its characteristic is colour and lustre is rich, clear, the evening will send green light, feel is good, soft, elastic, no fading crazing, non-deformation, machine wash wash off, no smell, fashion environmental protection. Nocturnal people finally found the belong to your personality T-shirt, show your personality. Goodbye is only see light personality, dark personality as well. Applicable to the personality DIY clothing, shoes, hats, etc. 2. Reflective heat transfer vinyl: it is using the optical principle, can back reflection back to the light source of a special structure of PVC film, eye-catching, warning and safety effect. Reflective film is mainly used for all kinds of roads and railways guide boards, signs, airport security card in mines, stage set, trademark, brand name, license plate, etc. Has wear-resisting, scraping resistance, impact resistance, washing resistance and other advantages; Good flexibility, simple and convenient construction; Unique design of the back glue has great strength, good low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion paint surface characteristics; Product has a very strong reflective performance, good wide-angle performance; The weathering resistance, in - 40℃- Under the condition of 70 ℃ as usual. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph technology co. , LTD. , you want to heat transfer heat transfer vinyl has 1000 series: flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl 2000 series: color green heat transfer vinyl 3000 series: laser heat transfer vinyl 4000 series: the metal heat transfer vinyl, Heat transfer vinyl plating) 5000 series: can print color thermal transfer vinyl 6000 series: PVC heat transfer vinyl 7000 series: flocking heat transfer vinyl 8000 series: 9000 series: reflective luminous heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl fabric through the above for the interpretation of luminous/reflective heat transfer vinyl, I believe you know something of the product. If you still want to know more information, can log in the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866! More wonderful content will be made by your hand!
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