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To make the bag printing more simple

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
To make the bag printing more simple! “ Men see waist, women see package & throughout; ,“ Package & throughout; Best medicine theory such as the rise of the bags in addition to accommodate carrying things, also can show temperament, reflect individual character, on the degree of convenience and beautiful and are worth noting. While bags with the method of heat transfer stamping personality fashion design. A, heat transfer vinyl bags LOGO, character design, a pack of a figure, with personalized color thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl, color film is the best solution, different package, different pattern, express different mood, so simple! Second, thermal transfer luggage pyrograph thermal transfer pyrograph are widely used in leisure bags, rod box, canvas bags, and other fields. Plane class pyrograph, can achieve three-dimensional effect of foaming, flashing green according to the circumstance, design color full realistic; PVC pyrograph, car line, realizing diverse mode of production. Please test according to the practical case material, mass production again. Three, hot melt adhesive film TPU hot melt adhesive glue leather: space leather, breathable leather, microfiber leather, flocking leather, double-sided velvet, cow leather, etc. Cloth class: in cloth, canvas, non-woven fabric, knitted fabric, mesh cloth, etc. Application in the package surface decorative materials, backpack main materials of adhesive. Experience on heat transfer vinyl, thermal transfer luggage pyrograph, hot melt adhesive film samples, login, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service!
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