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TPU heat transfer vinyl application range is introduced

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
TPU heat transfer vinyl application range is introduced. Different brands of manufacturers for quality is also different. So the quality of the materials have to fumble thoroughly, to better play its products. TPU heat transfer vinyl belongs to the printed word, special heat transfer vinyl, wide application range, characteristics, the following one by one to introduce! TPU heat transfer vinyl application range is introduced: the sportswear: number and logo, basketball, football, cycling clothing, shoes, bathing suit, the elastic and other blended fabrics, etc. ; Personality clothing categories: t-shirts, guanggu shan, advertising umbrella, aprons, hats, travel bag, factories and schools of number and logo, etc. ; TPU heat transfer vinyl its product characteristics are as follows: 1, the operation is simple, fast and convenient; 2, no plate making, color and pattern is an arbitrary set, DIY printing film; 3, good tensile, rebound, weather resistance and wash water; 4, L for mold force type, the material from the peel strength on substrate as the main control factors, convenient user for assembly line mass production, applied to small pattern and line pattern production is not recommended, because of its material from a single substrate after stripping, need glue to stick it back; Suitable for carving machine or cold knife type tool for processing, is not suitable for laser machine for processing; 5, N type for glue type, its substrate coated with a layer of high temperature resistant adhesive, can be applied to small pattern and the production of the image, at the same time suitable for carving machine or cold knife type tool, as well as laser machine for processing. TPU thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl quality analysis table ( Don't look a non-expert) 1, the main material: imported polyurethane material, mold film - L, hot stamping location membrane ( Paper) - N; 2, to tear away from the way and the effect of apparent: cold tear, matte; 3, heat transfer condition, temperature: 150 - 10-160 degrees, time: 20 seconds/time, pressure: 0. More than 2 KGF/cm ^ 2; 4, textile care: household washing machines, 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes per time; From the inside out ironing; 5, the ink layer thickness: Q1 - 1 series: effective thickness; 100UM - About 130 um, total thickness: 200 um. . . About 240 um; Color can be customized 6, how to choose: Q1 - 1 as the normal product, USES more extensive, sports apparel, basketball and football clothing, etc. ; 7, environmental standards: by SGS, 7) Environmental protection certification, formaldehyde, total lead, phthalates, the eight heavy metals, azo, organic tin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as the OEKO - TEX100 certification; If you want to learn more about TPU that heat transfer vinyl or the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory factory visit, can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory website, or call 15359509866! More wonderful content will be made by your hand!
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