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TPU PVC heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl and not miss

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
TPU thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl and PVC vinyl don't miss? TPU( Q1 series) Heat transfer vinyl material features: TPU belong to PU polyurethane resin. Its characteristic is: clean environmental protection, wide range of high wear resistance, hardness, high mechanical strength, high processing characteristics, water resistant, oil resistant, resistant to mildew, good performance and strong tensile force. In the long-term practice, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory by changing the resin component proportion, to adjust the hardness and elasticity. PVC( Q6- 2) Heat transfer vinyl material and characteristics: for clothing, bags, shoes and hats printing substrates such as performance is as follows: 1, the glossiness is adjustable. Our company USES is dumb face frosted effect for the factory standards, at the same time according to the needs of users and the minimum quantity of an order for basic customized production. 2, soft. Because we use the soft products, relative to the same products, we pursue the user experience; 3, tensile. Relatively the same products, we through material selection, Soft PVC and TPU) Matching and process, make the products more excellent tensile ability; 4, properties, stability. In order to prevent all kinds of additives in PVC material very fast, we have strict requirements in the process of material processing technology, extensive use of meet the environmental standards of raw materials, increase the activation of inert; 5, comply with environmental requirements. Our products are environmental protection raw materials processed by the environmental protection. Want to know more about thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl information can log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site ( ) Or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! Thermal transfer information hand more! ( Above for the article from the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory ( ) Thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer, 20 years, indicate the source! )
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