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Using thermal transfer film strategy

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Using thermal transfer film strategy? In order to meet the demand of fast fashion of clothing industry, the printing has become a topic that is not open around, in recent years, along with the thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl products appear constantly, its fast, environmental protection, simple, personality prominent characteristics, more and more popular. Because time is short, the birth of belong to substitute for the traditional printing, its use in the process there are a lot of details are not known, with these doubts, we with sen the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years experience in manufacturing, using science and technology, simple for everyone to share, wish can bring some convenient to thermal transfer counterparts. First of all, to understand the fabric properties, temperature tolerance, dye printing features such as whether iron with engraved figure adaptation of parameters ( Q1 - L type heat transfer vinyl required temperature 150 ℃, 8 - time 10 seconds, hot stamping pressure 6 - 8公斤) 。 In the actual production process, if the fabric is not high temperature resistant, Such as waterproof cloth) , fabric wrinkling will occur, resulting in figure hot glue fastness is not good, become warped edge, etc. , so the adaptive parameter check is key! If the fabric dye is easy to disperse dyes, can appear in the process of hot stamping dye diffusion phenomenon, resulting in very hot figure becomes angry, affect design rendering, severe bleeding problems, etc. Second, with the fabric pretreatment. Under normal circumstances, our fabric in the storage, processing areas are relatively in contact with the natural environment, so the fabric itself will changes with the change of environmental temperature, humidity, before stamping, we first will be very hot cloth in very hot or batch to bake, its purpose is to make the cloth in a relatively dry state, facilitate our hot stamping hot melt colloid and cloth fiber melt, thereby enhancing the stamping adhesive fastness. The method is as follows: after will be very hot cloth is placed on pyrograph machine with hot figure when the temperature and pressure to press time, time will be subject to the dry degree of demand of cloth. Generally based on how much iron printing, choose at least two pyrograph machine used interchangeably. Finally, on the fabric after dealing with the front advance hot direct engraving in place, the press can be directly as required. After this treatment, hot figure adhesive fastness is very good. Each manufacturer of hot stamping production requirement, can choose different ways of pretreatment, in short, in order to improve the flatness of hot figure, adhesive fastness, suggest that we can try to believe will receive unexpected results. ( Above article is the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original, 20 years thermal transfer materials manufacturers, indicate the source! )
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