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vinyl-cut heat transfer t-shirt

by:Senxi      2021-01-28
Goal: create a heat transfer vinyl sticker with Adobe Illustrator to attach to t-
Shirt using Hot Press.
This process can also be used to make decorative stickers and laptop decals.
Materials and tools: t-for those who inspire the Summer Institute-
The shirt has a logo so you will design a symbol and text for the back of the shirt.
Draw a design sketch for the back of the shirt with painted leather and paper.
You may want to include a nickname, a favorite word, or a quote.
To ensure that the font is large later, limit the text to about 30 words.
Extra time is required for long text to \"clear\" vinyl.
Contains symbols or shapes that you like or represent you.
It is recommended to use profiles or simple outlines as they are easier to create digitally (or find online)
Weeding is also easier.
Note: I use the symbol menu--
> Items in file--
> New means click the File menu at the top of the screen and select New \".
Use sketch as a guide to create a digital version of the design in Adobe Illustrator or other vector drawing programs (e. g.
InkPad on IPad).
Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator cs6:1.
Open Adobe Illustrator. 2. Click File-->New.
Make sure the unit is set to inches.
Change the width to 12 and the height to 12 (see figure 2)
Click OK: you may want to click View-->Zoom Out (or Zoom In)
Adjust the visible area of the white \"art Board.
Create shape: 1.
Create an outline using the shape tool.
Click and hold the rectangle tool to access other shapes: click and drag to create the shape.
Use the selection tool (black arrow)
Move or resize the shape by clicking the shape and then dragging an \"anchor point\" that appears.
Download Picture: 1.
Download pictures from the Internet: add text: 1.
Add text using the type tool: Save your file before entering the next stepIn our lab, and the vinyl cutter is connected to the computer via a USB cable.
You will need to email the Illustrator file that contains your design to the computer, or transfer it using a flash drive.
On the computer connected to the vinyl cutter, open \"OK cut a lot of 3 Pro\" and click \"file \"-->Import. . .
Click the file you saved in Illustrator and click open \".
You need mirror design to cut correctly when heatingtransfer vinyl.
Click design, click transform--
> Flip horizontally (Mirror).
Adding a border box around the design will weed (
Remove excess vinyl)easier. Click Object-->Weeding. . . and click OK.
Make sure the vinyl cutter is on.
Load vinyl into the vinyl cutter.
Set the origin of the blade near the bottom-
Vinyl right to minimize wasted material. The t-
It takes about 10 minutes for the shirt press to heat, so make sure the press is on and set to the correct temperature (
For the heat transfer vinyl we are using, the hot press should be set to 305 °).
Cut a lot of 3 Pro in sure, click knife-->Cut with. . .
Then click Cut.
When the vinyl cutter has finished cutting your design, push the vinyl and cut the design of the vinyl roller with scissors. Double-
Check if the design is mirrored (e. g.
Text and symbols should be displayed backwards)
Before moving on to the next step.
Use Weeding tools (e. g.
Hook weeding picks, curved tweezers, exacto knives)
, Lift and remove the border around the design and leave the text and symbols on the bottom paper.
When you start weeding, you can usually pull a large piece gently but firmly from one side and pass through the design.
Then remove any filling (e. g.
Center of \"O\", top of \"A\", etc. ).
Visually check the entire design before proceeding to the next step. Lay the t-
The shirt facing up on the back is flat and smooth.
Depending on how you position the design, you may want to cut the symbol so that it can be placed separately from the text.
Place the vinyl on the shirt with a sticky side down and press it with your fingers to make it smooth.
Turn on the Hot Press carefully and turn t-
The shirt is on the platform with vinyl stickers facing up.
Turn off the Hot Press and wait for the time required (
For the heat transfer vinyl I\'m using, it takes 15 seconds under medium pressure).
Turn on the Hot Press and be careful (
The shirt will be hot! )
Remove the plastic sticker backing from the top of the vinyl.
Enjoy your new t-shirt!
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