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Water washing label application in where?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Water washing label application in where? Washing label, washing label, also called will mark the fabrics of clothing ingredients and the correct method of washing. Water washing label generally used in the collar, main label in the lower back beside or below, or is in the position of the side seam. Take a look at below professional introduction. Washing method: dry cleaning/machine/hand wash, for example, whether can be bleached, dry method, ironing temperature requirements, etc, used to guide the user to wash clothes and correct maintenance! Main material: imported polyurethane material, the type of film; Ink layer thickness, effective thickness: 100 um. . . About 120 um, total thickness: 150 um. . . About 200 um; Screen printing color printing; Ripped from way and apparent effect: according to customer requirements and habits, cold tear, hot tear, cold and hot tear, flat, matte, light, etc. ; Thermal transfer conditions: temperature: 130 - 160 degrees, time: 6 - 12 seconds/time, pressure: 0. More than 2 KGF/cm ^ 2; Textile care: household washing machines, 40 degrees, more than 50 times, 30 minutes per time; From the inside out ironing; Product specifications: 39 * 54 cm/sheet, or cutting into individual refinement packing; To adapt to the fabrics: can be used for normal and high elastic fabrics, such as fabrics of cotton, knitting, blending and so on; Environmental standards: by SGS, 7) Environmental protection certification, formaldehyde, total lead, phthalates, the eight heavy metals, azo, organic tin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as the OEKO - TEX100 certification. Product features: 1, using imported high temperature resistant polyurethane material, color thick, color silk screen printing, in order to make sure its fine lines after high temperature heat transfer hot deformation; 2, fine design, good at doing fine design; 3, good elasticity, tensile resistance; 4, washing effect is good ( Up to level 5) ; Above all, thermal transfer pyrograph species is numerous, divided into the wash water ma, golden onion pyrograph and so on, if you have other questions, you can login the sunrise thermal transfer heat transfer vinyl factory website, or direct contact with the 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Customer service commissioner, one-on-one service for you with all sincerity!
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