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What are the 3 d pyrograph species

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
What types of 3 d pyrograph? 3 d pyrograph is through pyrograph machine after hot stamping, heat transfer pyrograph images present a three-dimensional effect. So on, the sunrise variety of thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl factory pyrograph, what pyrograph is can present the three-dimensional pattern, has 20 years experience in thermal transfer the following engineers to share. 1. AC06 foaming pyrograph: foam pyrograph is in the original on the basis of grade A standard color printing pyrograph, middle add A layer of foamed material, let the icon has stereo feeling of the apparent effect, suitable for ladies and children fabrics. 2. AW16 plate pyrograph: thick plate with a complete set of water-based pyrograph material, has the very good elasticity and softness, stereo sense is strong, can be customized one or multiple color chromaticity, washable, color fastness is strong, etc. , through the SGS environmental protection certification. 3. AW17 special plate pyrograph: special plate pyrograph chooses special substrate, such as reflective effect, the effect of metal, pearl effect other performance is the same as the plate pyrograph. 4. BC06 foaming pyrograph: foam pyrograph is in the original class B standard color printing pyrograph, on the basis of domestic acrylic materials, according to demand to customize any design, after turn hot surface can present flat, dumb light, the light effect, feel is smooth, bright colors, patterns clear realistic. The four, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory 3 d pyrograph have meet the requirements of people, with a detailed heat transfer material information, login, the sunrise thermal transfer thermal transfer material vinyl factory site ( ) Or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory customer service wholeheartedly for your service! ( The above articles to sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory original project sales center, 20 years thermal transfer materials manufacturers, reproduced indicate the source)
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