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What are the hot melt adhesive film type

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Hot melt adhesive film what kind? Hot melt adhesive film is also called & other; Double-sided adhesive & throughout; 。 Adhesive performance is superior, the resistance to water, then hot melt adhesive film has these: PA, PES, PO, EVA hot melt adhesive film, so what is the characteristic and difference between the hot melt adhesive film. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory engineers to share detailed information hot melt adhesive film. TPU hot melt adhesive film USES the advanced coating technology, the product has strong adhesive fastness and washing resistance and high elasticity, belongs to the environmental protection product. Products wide range of hardness, adhesive range, suitable for all kinds of requirements of heat-resistant, elastic lasting, can keep the clothes for a long time not out of shape. Feel is good, wide range of resilience, bonding effect is good and strong yellowing resistance of products. PA hot melt adhesive film coating technology for high precision forming, is a product of high-end clothing and for nylon, polyester, cotton powerful composite adhesive, water washing effect is good, positioning for the embroidery industry high-grade rubber. PES hot melt adhesive film due to the very stable polyester materials, accord with standard of Europe and America region, washable, affordable, washing effect is good, high adhesive fastness, application field widely, for a variety of fabric, non-woven, PVC, PET, aluminium, paper, etc. Has good bonding effect. PO high performance/price ratio, and hot melt adhesive film, wide range of adhesive, imports of raw materials, high precision die coating, is the product is more practical, affordable, high transparency, high bonding strength. EVA hot melt adhesive film products series low temperature, new products are used in the paper after decals, decals, cloth ordinary hair dryer can be used, low temperature resistant performance is good. Want to experience the hot melt adhesive film products can log in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site ( ) Or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) , the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory will wholeheartedly for your service solutions, also check other thermal transfer material, more information on hand!
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