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What clothing heat transfer vinyl?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
What clothing heat transfer vinyl? Clothing heat transfer vinyl, including the characteristics of fashion and beautiful, to meet customer demand. Different clothing choice of different clothing heat transfer vinyl products. This time give you personality sportswear, fashion clothing, cool clothes and so on request, small make up to you to share clothing thermal transfer properties of vinyl products. Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl & ndash; — Special personality sportswear 1, product fashionable and beautiful, bright color; 2, using imported high elastic polyurethane material, its tensile, rebound, weather resistance and water washing performance is very good; 3, fine craft, fit; Ink layer thickness: Q1 - 1 series: effective thickness; 100哦, About 130 um, total thickness: 200 um. . . About 240 um; 4, color, size, can be customized. Flexible TPU heat transfer vinyl application fields: sportswear: number and logo, basketball, football, cycling clothing, shoes, bathing suit, the elastic and other blended fabrics, etc. ; Personality clothing categories: t-shirts, guanggu shan, advertising umbrella, aprons, hats, travel bag, factories and schools of number and logo, etc. ; Color green heat transfer vinyl & ndash; — Give you the surprise that expect is less than stereo feeling good, golden onion powder evenly meticulous, even flash effect; Pure color, color variety; Rub resistance, hand washing powder machine wash not to drop, can use all kinds of washing method of washing, high and low temperature environment does not glue, not broken; Resistance to uv and sunlight, it will never rub off; The membrane materials for environmental protection material; Can be tinted transfer printing, make clothing ( Especially the T-shirt) The patterns of the richer, more individuality; Machine carved and hand carved all can use; Pyrograph machine with steam iron can be hot stamping. Color green heat transfer vinyl areas of application: widely used in all kinds of textile fabrics such as clothing, bags, shoes and hats; Laser heat transfer vinyl & ndash; — Personality trend 1 cool drainage, bright is dazzing, color changes, colourful, metal texture, completely cover the original clothing color; 2, processing and fast without offset, save the time and cost for plate making and instant, saving manpower; 3, roll packing, let you moment as much as they want to carve and maximize the use of edge horn material, avoid waste, cost control. 4, rub resistance, resistance to water; 5 does not glue, high and low temperature environment, don't break, resistance to ultraviolet light and the sun does not rub off; 6, the membrane materials for environmental protection material; 7, tinted transfer printing, in order to increase promise the richness of content and variability, and the color of the cloth is not limited to, as long as the material of the fabric can transfer printing, transfer printing with superior after wash color fastness and adhesive fastness. Free experience heat transfer vinyl samples, can log in the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site, or direct contact with the 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Customer service specialist will one-on-one service for you! More heat transfer vinyl information will be used by your hand!
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