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What is a pyrograph fleece printing process?

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
What is a pyrograph fleece printing process? Printing process is also very important when pyrograph fleece, different patterns to choose different printing technology, the effect may not be the same. Such as embroidery printing will be more stereo, silk screen printing is suitable for the color of a single design, beautiful pyrograph printing process color. In the process of turning hot pyrograph fleece also can't forget consider printing craft, the next, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph pyrograph small make up to you to introduce what is the difference between printed pyrograph shallow turn deep turn. Turn light only for light color fleece pyrograph, generally only on Bai Sewei garment transfer, relatively deep, shallow turns the price will be cheaper, because of the shallow turn without engraving machine go outline, print it out after a manual cutting can directly, and deep turn to print it out, but also in the engraving machine carved a contour can be printed on the fleece, so the cost is relatively high. Deep turn pyrograph is done in practice more process, due to the deep turn without being limited by the number, also need not carry clothes color, not a light turn, general Bai Sewei clothes only. If the printing color is single, the amount is very much also, generally with silk screen printing, if printing color complex, gradients, but quantity, with his pyrograph. His pyrograph effect is good, is the goods, if less cargo cost is too high. If you want to learn more about thermal transfer pyrograph related information, please attention the sunrise pyrograph website: (heat transfer vinyl factory This article for the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory original, reproduced indicate the source)
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