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What role does the machine the four layer structure

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
What role does the machine the four layer structure? Thermal transfer film is usually composed of 4 layers, respectively is the base layer, mold, printing layer, glue layer. Thermal transfer film although roughly four layers are simple, but should be based on the multi-layer coating printing ink membrane, this time just for everyone to share in detail. Base layer: thermal transfer film, thermal transfer film including PET film, OPP film, PVC film, etc. , need according to the need of mold materials to choose the appropriate basement membrane layer: is the coating a layer of mold release agent, remain solid at room temperature, in a certain temperature will melt, and the integration of base layer. Printing layer: the printing ink above the layer should be brushed into a fine pattern of glue layer: to deeply understand, glue coverage on the printing layer, so that the iron can refer to glue on the bearing iron content. Heat transfer at the end of the production test, tensile test, brightness test, wash water, etc. , special material require different test, to ensure the product quality standard. Thermal transfer film finished product should have excellent tensile, rebound, weather resistance and water resistance; The characteristics of the operation is simple, fast and convenient. Different thermal transfer film should have different heat transfer requirements. Attention should be paid to turn very hot temperature, hot stamping pressure, hot stamping speed and so on. When buy this machine should be referred to the salesperson ask these questions, in order to avoid the thermal transfer failure behind. If you have other samples of heat transfer problem or experience can login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory website or call 15359509866! Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory service will sincerely service for you! More machine control information by your hand!
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