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What thermal transfer thermal transfer film manufacturer material

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
What thermal transfer thermal transfer film manufacturer material? Heat transfer vinyl monochrome or polychromatic pattern carved decoration, pyrograph decoration elegant design and so on are all belong to the heat transfer printing, thermal transfer printing to share below: heat transfer vinyl, hot melt adhesive film, thermal transfer pyrograph these three products. There are a lot of classification method, thermal transfer materials like materials, printing ink, , transparent, white mucilage glue, color ink, mold release agent, solvent) And so on, then, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory engineer shall be carried out in accordance with the material of different classification. 1. Heat transfer vinyl: on the surface of the heat transfer vinyl according to colour and its thickness is divided into: the color heat transfer vinyl, can print color spray heat transfer vinyl, special heat transfer vinyl, three-dimensional fashion/thickening heat transfer vinyl this a few kinds. Mainly on the following several kinds. Color thermal transfer vinyl: was named after the color on the surface of the heat transfer vinyl, refers to the overall heat transfer vinyl surface present a uniform color, no decorative pattern design. Can print color thermal transfer vinyl: refers to the light color transparent or dark white can print the heat transfer vinyl and colorful design. Special heat transfer vinyl fashion: pyrograph sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory owns flocking heat transfer vinyl and reflective, luminous heat transfer vinyl, these heat transfer vinyl can give a person a kind of fashionable touch and feel. 2. Hot melt adhesive film/composite membrane hot melt adhesive film is main role as two different materials together & other Glue & throughout; The role of. Like sports shoes industry said seamless fusing is to use hot melt adhesive film about sample shoes use material bonded with net cloth or other material. 3. Thermal transfer pyrograph: pyrograph and can print color thermal transfer vinyl is technology that there is a difference between the most obvious: can print color thermal transfer printed vinyl use spray carved machine, the pyrograph is conducted on mold film printing design. Thermal transfer pyrograph are divided into a lot of kinds, laser pyrograph kirschner pyrograph, personality and so on heat transfer vinyl, flat backing machice, decorative film, such as thermal transfer printing, products have any move, login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory website or call 15359509866! Tell the customer you want to experience samples, professional customer service will be one to one service for you with all sincerity, more thermal transfer material knowledge skill control by you!
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