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When I do the guangdong heat transfer vinyl manufacturer has sei

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
When I do the guangdong heat transfer vinyl manufacturer has sei. Guangdong province as a big province in economy, industry development trend of continuously strengthen, garment industry, as well as food and clothing industry live line one, plays an important role in the life. The development of personalized clothing thermal transfer industry like in the spring breeze, burst to life, to share below heat transfer vinyl manufacturer that convenient places. A convenience, heat transfer vinyl using heat transfer vinyl products without glue, personalization, diy, do a, no plate making, ten minutes instant, at the same time effect is varied. Meet the needs of most customers. Second, the heat transfer vinyl specification variety, can be customized specifications most heat transfer vinyl products on the market for 50 cm * 25 m/roll, but the specification does not meet the diversified needs of customers, some customers want A4 sample products, some customers want 1 m * 100 m/roll, some is special size, heat transfer vinyl manufacturer of cutting machine can achieve this requirement, specific problems can be consulting heat transfer vinyl factory. Three, the heat transfer vinyl factory logistics system convenient time is life, time is efficiency. In order to improve the efficiency, guarantee the shipment time, heat transfer vinyl manufacturer to keep in touch with logistics, express delivery company, to build effective and efficient logistics system. To sum up, from three aspects of guangdong heat transfer vinyl factory provide convenient thermal transfer material and effect. Log in, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) 。 Thermal transfer information hand more!
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