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Why the heat transfer vinyl residual color problem

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Why the heat transfer vinyl residual color problem? Heat transfer vinyl residual color refers to the heat transfer vinyl tore except redundant design or to tear in addition to PET film, PET film and color residues in the above, caused by the residual color thermal transfer vinyl design stamping failure. The cause of the heat transfer vinyl residual color, in addition to the three elements of stamping operation problems, related to the quality of the heat transfer vinyl, to share the reason below. A, mineral, metal powder, such as white, black, if such A residual mineral powder color, its reason is roughly as follows: A, toner not absorption solvents, to the fusion of toner and links is not; B, toner, moisture, cause of toner contains a lot of water, with the solvent, resin adhesive is bad; C, toner particles is too thick, or in the coloring layer without filtering; D, hot stamping, when temperature is too high, lead to resin coking and separated from toner; E, when painting baking, a large number of solvent remained in color layer; F, mold coating uneven or mold release agent did not spread evenly before coating, etc. ; Second, fluorescent pigments: such as fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, noctilucent powder and other special craft processing class. This kind of powder properties because of its itself, lead to poor color fastness, especially red series powder kind most prone to the color. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory USES is the world famous enterprises production of high-grade pigments, and through special craft processing, good color fastness, so you can rest assured to choose. Sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory 20 years focused on heat transfer of the new material research and development, production. To test the heat transfer vinyl products quality, and has a strict quality control. Login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! More fascinating heat transfer vinyl information hand!
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