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Wuxi where there is heat transfer vinyl

by:Senxi      2021-01-18
Wuxi where there is heat transfer vinyl? Of choosing a reliable thermal transfer pyrograph factory, for its strength, complete industrial chain, research and development capabilities, equipment, etc for all aspects of the understand and study, to sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph factory as an example, to share, the strength of the sunrise pyrograph heat transfer vinyl factory factory. Tell me why, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl pyrograph manufacturer factory. 1. Strength: ink and mucilage coating chemical substrate to the heat transfer heat transfer vinyl, away from the type of film, sublimation paper, color film, hot melt adhesive film, such as thermal transfer material, then to pyrograph, pyrograph machine, carving machine, etc. Products and equipment, to provide one-stop integrated solution. 2. Complete industrial chain: from thermal transfer r&d and production of chemical materials, design, development, thermal transfer thermal transfer materials pyrograph mass manufacturing of products, confirm the stability of the product supply, fast delivery and cost optimization. 3. Research and development ability, sen the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory each year on research and development personnel, machinery and equipment, such as huge, strive to provide customers with a wider variety of heat transfer vinyl products and quality services, solutions. 4. Equipment: more than 100 meters of coating and stretch film machine, hydraulic high precision chemical grinding machine, biochemical wastewater treatment equipment and so on, to ensure that each production link of seiko manufacturing and environmental protection and efficient. Small make up of these characteristics, the sunrise to the sen heat transfer vinyl factory manufacturer to see if fully, to seeing is believing, can login, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl heat transfer vinyl factory site or call 15359509866 ( WeChat with Numbers) ! Together, the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory visit. ( The above article is derived from the sunrise heat transfer vinyl factory pyrograph, 20 years thermal transfer thermal transfer vinyl manufacturer, indicate the source! )
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